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»…, because someone just now convinced somebody to like oneself.«

Given to the various godchildren and other people important to me, this novel is my hot cup of cocoa in times of crisis, friendship and love affairs, and other maximally complicated life situations. The book considers itself to be young adult literature. I discovered it on the occasion of its publication eight years ago, still pick it up every now and then. Which shows that great art aimed at children and young people can say a lot to all of us.

Schneeriese talks about »one ninety« – sorry – Adrian and the very first love troubles of a 14-year-old. This is absolutely not a subject I would be interested in, some may think at this point. Let’s wait and see. 

Based on motifs from Andersen’s Snow White, the story of German author Susann Kreller does not have a happy ending. Nevertheless, everything turns out all right. The book works wonders with its light yet serious tone, soothing humanity, and special wit. The 205 pages are my dog-eared guide to what is one of the greater gifts in life. In Adrian's words, it reads like this in the last chapter: »And the thing was, you were always allowed to lay your heart down with someone like a heavy, tired head, if need be until you were alive again.«

Angela Vucko, 10 April 10 2023