Jetzt! Ein Wochenende fürs Klima

Trailer: Jetzt! Ein Wochenende fürs Klima

A full cultural programme around the topics of climate change and sustainability awaits the audience of the festival »Jetzt! Ein Wochenende fürs Klima«, the third edition of which will take place in Bochum from 1 to 3 December 2023, including workshops, music, children's theater, exciting lectures and discussions. In addition to the Ruhrtriennale, the Schauspielhaus Bochum, the Bochum Art Museum, the Planetarium, the VHS and the German Mining Museum Bochum are also participating as venues. The Bochum Symphony Orchestra is also involved in the planning of the Climate Weekend.

All events are free of charge!

Our sustainability efforts

As an interdisciplinary, international festival of the arts, we transform the monuments that are halls of the coal and steel industry into places of cultural exchange. The Ruhrtriennale's cultural rededication of the industrial halls enshrines the idea of sustainability in their origins and in the region. At the same time, by redesigning these places, we're also creating an artistic and socially relevant service in partly rural and remote areas of the Ruhr region. In the process, the three-year structure and the architecture of the industrial monuments bring challenges that need to be re-examined and reconsidered with contemporary awareness.

We, the Ruhrtriennale team, are aware that artistically developing and designing these places isn't possible without releasing emissions. The Ruhrtriennale is not (yet) a climate-neutral festival. However, it's our goal to strengthen the sustainability efforts that have already begun and to initiate as much as possible to make the process permanent in the long term.

It's also important for us to mention that we want to save emissions wherever we can, and while some processes can be accelerated, others need time. What we can't and won't give up is keeping the lines open with artists from all over the world, because as an international festival we believe in the power and necessity of cultural exchange.

In order to keep the climate impact of our festival as low as possible, we've defined the following fields of action:


Sustainability begins on a small scale. Sustainability is a process. We strive to strategically integrate this process, to constantly re-examine measures that have already been described, to question them and to test them to see how successful they are.

- In the important action areas of energy and mobility, there are areas that we can influence directly, but there are also those over which we have little direct influence. In spite of this, we strive to influence these areas positively in the long term through dialogue with our partners.

- The digital office and the reduction of paper consumption is an important goal that we want to keep pursuing.

- We want to measure the success of measures that we've already implemented and planned through regular and data-based surveys.

- We want to advocate to make it easier for our audiences to get to our venues and for the expansion of the public transport network.

- It's important to us to sensitise artists and staff to the impact on the climate and we want to offer more support in this area.