© Lukasz Twarkowski
STATEMENT 128 : After the meeting yesterday, I suddenly discovered myself sitting in the room with one of the objects in my lap, and when I came properly to my senses, I noticed that I was caressing the object with my thumb, as if it were something I loved, although I’ve never felt love. But at that moment, before I fully realised what I was doing, I was filled with affection, and I knew, the way one knows in dreams, what it means to love something living. Olga Ravn

It’s fascinating the way Olga Ravn finds to meditate over life and consciousness, creating a paradocumentary research based on work relations between humans and humanoids in XXII century. It’s quite symptomatic that already nowdays we need to mirror ourselves in machines to find perhaps deeper manifestations needed to describe our personal or social experience. As one of the humanoid characters in the novel says: »We are but humble carrier of the programme. Shortly, like obsolete updates, we shall be gone. I believe I’m going to encounter a great love in my life.«  
We are living in times which urge us to ask  a question »Can we learn from robots about love?« but reciprocally as well: »What do robots need to incorporate from our human qualities to make our cooperation possible?« 
One way or another any mind experiment shifting anthropocentric perspective seems to be necessary exercise for contemporary self-contemplations.

Lukasz Twarkowski, 2022