© Bibiana Beglau

The S.C.U.M.Manifesto by feminist Valerie Solanas is hair-raising, cheeky, astute, and, with its rage and radical punchlines, a delight to read. For me, this was a fun discovery as I prepared for a radio play A BEAUTYFUL FUCKUP by Patrik Findeis/Kai Grehn. In this piece, with great wit and skill, a woman who herself has had a horrible, lonely existence without any opportunities rages against a man's world and the women who belong to it.

According to Solanas, the Manifesto is a self-evidently not-serious guide to action (interview in the Village Voice). Everyone who reads it should know that, so that the humor and also the dignity of this wonderfully whimsical piece of magic directed against a consumer society can spread real pleasure.

Bibiana Beglau, Vienna, 14 June 2022