© Jan Versweyveld

The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB) has awarded its most important prize –  the »Gouden Penning« – to Ivo Van Hove, Artistic Director of the Ruhrtriennale 2024–2026 for his work as an »ambassador of Flemish culture on an international level«.

In the KVAB's explanatory statement, it says that Ivo Van Hove's oeuvre »includes work as a theatre maker, as well as connections with film and opera, engagement with both classical and modern playwrights as well as contemporary authors, social and societal involvement, a flawless sense of what is happening in the art world and beyond.«

Ivo Van Hove on his winng the award: »The KVAB houses art and science together. I find that special. I have always found that they have a lot in common. They both require creativity. Science also tries to understand people better and to fathom the world. It is the ›creative urge‹ that drives both the scientist and the artist.«

The »Gouden Penning« is the most important award of the Royal Flemish Academy of Sciences and Arts of Belgium (KVAB). Previous winners include: Erika Vlieghe, Jos Delbeke, Alain Platel, Marleen Temmerman, Peter Piot, Herman Van Rompuy and Dries Van Noten. Ivo Van Hove received the award on 9 December 2023 at the Palace of Academies in Brussels.

In September, Van Hove handed over the management of the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA) to Eline Arbo after 22 years and subsequently took over as Artistic Director of the Ruhrtriennale 2024–2026.